A girl named Westy

If the video of Westy is any indication, she has a great future as a stripper/lapdancer, if she can over this college thing. Westy is not sure what profession she wants to tackle after she graduates. But she does know that after she gets her sheepskin, she wants to travel to Spain and live there for a few months. “I don’t know how I got such big breasts for my weight,” Westy said, with the assistance of a translator. “No one in my family has big breasts that I know of. People ask me, ‘You are so thin. Why do you have such a big chest?’ I don’t know. I do enjoy my breasts. I would not want to have small breasts. I feel much more womanly. I can’t imagine being flat-chested. If I were, I would save up and get a boob job.” See Westy’s photos in Scoreland’s New Discovery section.