Bozena and Eden

Eden is Israeli. Bozena lives in the Czech Republic. Getting them together in Europe was very difficult to accomplish. Eden easily has the biggest tits of anyone in Israel, at least any women that we know of. Bozena has more competition in her country but she has a pair of the biggest breasts of all the Czech models we know. In this chapter from Knockin’ Nipples, prepare to be astounded by the sheer size of their love pillows. Lots of great titty suckin’ here! Yum, yum! The video opens with the two girls in the pool, rubbing nipples and breast meat together. They hug tightly, grinding their giant tits. Then comes the sucking and licking. Eden needs two hands to lift one of Bozena’s tits and lick the nipple. Bozena is very well informed about pussy anatomy and really works over Eden’s clit and lips. As hot as that gets, the tit play is the thing here. This is one of the most boob-focused videos ever posted on with two of the all-time greatest tit-stars. Running Time: 18:18