Michelle. From F to H cup

It’s been several years since easygoing Michelle Bond’s been featured in SCORE so it’s a pleasure to have her back. An added pleasure is that Michelle’s had a major boob growth spurt since last time! She’s now sporting an H-cup, as you’ll see in this SCORE Theater video and in Michelle’s pictorial in April ’11 SCORE. This edition also marks Michelle’s first time as a SCORE covergirl and she’s also a first time covergirl for the May ’11 edition of V-mag. It’s a Michelle double-header. She’s very much a GND…a girl-next-door. The cheery brunette began modeling when she was 21. Now at 30, her bod has voluptuously filled out. “You know, I generally don’t know where it has come from. As my body has kind of grown a bit, they’ve grown with me. The only thing that’s different between now and years ago is that I don’t party as much. I used to be stick-thin, and my boobs weren’t that big because I partied a lot, but now, I don’t know. I haven’t done anything to them. They’ve just grown.”