Emilia’s wet T shirt

You might think that all naked models must be exhibitionists and bold but that description doesn’t apply to Emilia Boshe. Emilia is actually a very shy person. Taking her clothes off on a webcam hasn’t changed her basic nature. She’d rather be approached than approach. The simple things in life are for her. She likes to watch soccer, take her dogs for a walk, go to the movies and spend face-time with friends. “I’m happy with my life,” says Emilia. “I like to surround myself with happy, positive people. It makes everything so much better.” When Emilia gets her top off, her overflowing boobs nearly spill out of her tight bra. Once she pops each breast out of each cup, the sheer size of her naturals is a stunning sight. Emilia must have a pair of the biggest natural breasts in Germany. No wonder she has made a name for herself in Europe and now beyond Europe with her first appearance in XLGirls. Emilia heads to the bathroom for a wet T-shirt and titty show with a flash of pink added as a treat. The folks in Berlin should be proud.