Diane’s Mammary Majesty

You all know by now that Diane Poppos is back in the game after nearly ten years of self-imposed retirement. If not, check out her video interview with the same two editors, Dave and Elliot, who interviewed Diane at SCORE in 2002. The fact is, though, once a model, always a model. No one ever gets it out of her system. Every former model thinks about it, even if she does nothing about those feelings. Diane decided to yield to her yearnings and contacted us. It wasn’t expected at all but we were not caught with our pants down in a compromising position. Arrangements were swiftly made. Every returning model is a celebratitty with us! Diane proves she hasn’t lost her touch in this new video, “Her Mammary Majesty.” Her tits are bigger and she’s still as sexy as ever. There will be oil for those huge sucklers to be coated with and Diane will be digitizing her hot pussy-hole to a pleasurable pitch. America’s biggest-boobed homemaker is at it again. Welcome back, Poppos!