Voluptuous Classics: Chaka T

“Guys’ll be straining their necks to get a look at me,” crowd-pleasing Chaka T. once told us in one of her interviews. This Voluptuous Classic reformats one of Chaka’s breastastic videos, the first full-sex vid she did at the SCORE Studio. “I know when I walk into a restaurant, I hear a lot of murmuring going on. And I get a lot of free stuff. It’s kind of funny. Waiters in restaurants are always in a hurry to get my table and doors are always held open for me. Guys are actually very chivalrous when you have big boobs! Most guys say they’ve never been with a woman with such big breasts, which I can definitely believe. I haven’t seen many women my size with bigger breasts. Guys are always in awe of them. You can tell from their faces that they’re like, ‘Oh, my God,’ and they want to be muffled and have my breasts in their faces and be up in my boobs. But it’s nice to have it that way. I don’t know of any woman who doesn’t like having attention paid to her breasts.” Guys loved Chaka. They would write letters praising her to the heavens, such as this one by Mike D. “I especially love Chaka. She is incredible all over, her face is unbelievably gorgeous, her breasts speak well for themselves, and her legs and ass are flawless. Does she have her own website? I would love to see more of her, whether it be solo, or another sex video or something. Those are some lucky bastards that get to have sex with her.” We agreed with Mike that Chaka’s breasts spoke well for themselves and we were sorry to see Chaka drop out of sight after her relatively brief time offering those gorgeous tits to the world.