Lorna’s Obsession

Lorna’s Obsession showcases the Welsh beauty of SCORE and Voluptuous greeting the sun with her stunning breasts and body on the island of Eleuthera, The Bahamas. This luxurious video is part of the tribute DVD Lorna Morgan Now & Forever, a compilation of some of Lorna’s most memorable moments caught by the camera including a rare hook-up with American porn star Gianna Rossi. (That scene is also available on SCOREVideos.com.) “I’m happy doing what I’m doing,” Lorna told us during this stay in the Caribbean. “That’s the trick. As soon as I’m not happy doing it, then I stop. So as long as people like what I’m doing, I’ll keep doing it, but as soon as people stop liking what I’m doing and want me to do more, and I don’t like it, then I’ll stop.” It’s doubtful that Lorna will ever stop modeling. She and the camera were made for each other. Long may she reign.