Iva in Busty Euro Maids

Scene two of the SCORE Classic Busty Euro Maids continues with Veronika fucked and replaced with Iva, a sexy little babydoll, then a popular piece of new and fresh Euro-meat. Iva is also out for the position that Mr. Trousersnake is attempting to fill. “Fill” is the word and so is the word “position.” Iva, wearing clothes that hide the goodies inside, looks like a coed. Housemaid Ines Cudna leads Mr. T. by his cock to the pool where 19 year old Iva is patiently waiting. Ines has actually wrapped her fingers around his dick and walks him over. This was, and remains, a very unusual thing for Ines to do since she’s never done anything with men in her long career, sexual or not. Meanwhile, Iva wastes little time and learns that for her to get ahead, she has to give the boss head. He’s totally nude while he describes to Iva what he is looking for. She listens to him like it’s the most normal thing in the world for a potential employer to stand there naked, dangling in the breeze. He tells Iva he wants her to “make some pleasure for me.” This scene predates the movie Borat so we have to wonder if Sasha Baron Cohen drew some inspiration from Mr. Trousersnake’s behavior. He’s either insane or suffering from early-onset dementia. Iva opens wide for chunky and takes him deep down her throat. Within moments her top is unbuttoned and her young, natural big boobs are unleashed for the visual enjoyment of this man. While Iva is bobbing down on his cock, Trousersnake’s associate arrives and joins in to make it a threesome. Her bottoms then go down and, following an alternating blow job/hand job combo, she gets it doggie from one while blowing the other. All the while Iva is bent over and her floppy boobs are bouncing against what little clothes remain. They soon find a padded platform and fuck the hell out of this little redheaded vixen, taking turns drilling her sweet, hot mouth, pink pussy and pretty butthole. The camera concentrates on three things: vaginal insertion, lip service, and her constantly swaying chest. The guys then perform a double penetration on Iva, screwing her hard, one dick in her cunt, the other in her asshole. Iva kneels and they feed her their sizable cum loads. What she doesn’t eat is on her face. The next applicant is Marketa, and this busty blonde is almost busting out of her tightly-stretched blouse. Stay tuned for Chapter Three of Busty Euro Maids. There’s nothing clean about them!