Iva and Marketa

In part three of the SCORE Classic Busty Euro Maids, Marketa follows the path of the other job applicants to get this much-needed position from Mr. Trousersnake. The thing is, the position also involves doggie, reverse cowgirl, missionary and other positions. Marketa blows Trousersnake’s hose for a bit and then, unexpectedly, Iva walks in unannounced and naked and joins her in delivering a dual blow job. Lucky would-be employer. Aggressive little fuck-bunny Iva takes charge and jumps on his knob and rides him while he fondles her and Marketa’s breasts for added inspiration. They then switch and Marketa rides him as Iva tongues her bouncing boobs. They then do the old switcheroo, lie on their sides, and he once again penetrates Iva as Marketa cops some tit-feels and passionately kisses Iva. Marketa sucks his dick a few times for added lubrication, and he sticks it back in her cunt for more plunging. They repeat this procedure again and again, the girls switch places, and the cycle is repeated. Without missing a stroke, he also does each doggie-style. Mr. Trousersnake must live on a diet of egg white, zinc, lecithin and Viagra. He still hasn’t hired anyone for his so-called position. Not surprising since the guy walks around his estate naked and thinks a job interview means a free fuck.